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So, you want to be a Cloud Engineer?

In 2019 one of the biggest pieces of tech is the cloud. Whether it be public cloud or private cloud, cloud technologies are here to stay (for now). I predict that Cloud Engineering will be a very big part of IT (and development) for another 5-10 years. Today I want to share with you my journey in becoming a Cloud Engineer and some helpful tips. A career timeline to be a Cloud Engineer can go like so;

Desktop Support > Junior Sysadmin > Sysadmin > Sysadmin/Technical Lead > Engineer >  Cloud Engineer.

Although our career paths may not align, I believe that this progression is very import. Let me tell you why.

Helpdesk/Desktop Support Helpdesk and desktop support get your feet wet. It allows you to understand technology and how it's used in the workplace from a business perspective. It shows you what technologies may be best in the current environment your in and how to support those technologies. It also teaches you soft skills and how to support people from a technic…

Retrieving EC2 instance information with PowerShell - Part 2

If you did not read part 1 of this, there may be some differences in configurations. As long as you have access to the AWS CLI with a specified user (or yourself), you should be good to go!

We left off with running some PowerShell cmdlets to pull some information. Let's say that's not enough. Let's say we want to have the ability to make a tool out of this script to run at our leisure. Say daily, weekly, monthly. We'll have to turn this into a dedicated script for our use case.

The first thing we'll do is get our code editor. I prefer VSCode, but you can choose whichever you prefer. Within VSCode, please download the PowerShell extension.

Let's go ahead and go to File > New File. Save wherever you would like (in production, a Git repo would be ideal. For testing, we can save to our desktop). I named mine Get-EC2VMinfo.ps1, but you can name it whatever you'd like, as long as it has a .ps1 file extension.

Now that we have our text editor and file ready, le…